The Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation
  • Waterfall Kivach

    Waterfall Kivach – a 10, 7 high cascade – is situated on the territory of the reserve. It is the third-largest plain waterfall, formed by slope of the Suna River. Water falls down in 4 ledges among mighty basaltic rocks.

  • Ecological routes

    An ecological route network was created for tourists to get acquainted with main vegetation types, typical land forms, and rare species of flora and fauna.

  • Plant kingdom

    The ground cover of the reserve is very complex - its unique motley is very different thanks to rich species wealth caused by the physic-geographical heterogeneity situated on the joint of 4 landscapes.

  • Reserve territory patrolling

    National parks and reserves are highly protected areas. The natural sites on the reserve (earth, water, mineral resources, plant and animal life) are totally disused from the economic management.

About reserve

Kivach reserve is the first protected territory in Karelia. It was organized in 1931 by the Decree of the Council of People’s Commisars of the Karelian ASSR.

The waterfall Kivach apparently was used as a reason for its foundation. The following nature study of this territory confirmed the right choice of the place for the protected area. The unique combination of typical features is a variety of the nature reserve.